September 24


For most of us, one of the things that make us happy in life is having a child. Especially in this part of the world, where children are considered to be the fruits of marriage and source of joy for a couple, which even becomes a problem when a couple is married for sometime without an issue. It is indeed such a big blessing to be a parent. Ask those who are not blessed with children or who lost their child to an illness or accident, and you would realize that being blessed with a child is a blessing.

In the past 4 month I have experience what it feels like to be a father – a responsible one for that matter – and I am enjoying big time because I have learnt and still learning a lot and exposed to new perspective about life. Fatherhood has open up for me a new window of a purposeful life. I enjoyed going back home to see my son, and the joy I feel when I hold him in my arms cannot be infinitely quantified  to the joy I feel when I am expecting the bank credit alert for my 30-days labour.

The role of the father to me should be more than that of just finance (making the money available for the family) and administrative (pick and drop the child at school and such tasks). The father in spite of his busy schedule should be involved in activities such as care, discipline and communication with the child. It’s no gain saying that a father’s presence has a huge impact on the development and wellbeing of their child. All of the things that are presumed to be the mothers’ responsibilities can also be done by the father once in a while if time permit.

I have principles and plans on parenting our son which I will be working together with my wife on.  I did like to share some of the gems on the list that might benefit you:

  1. Teach him how important worshipping and prayers are.
  2. A one on one time with him often – this will ensure steady communication.
  3. Nurture a hobby with him especially the one he enjoys and picks early.
  4. Draw up a list of clear goals with him for all areas of his life.
  5. Schedule his week together with the family schedule.
  6. Read books with him including school work.
  7. Help him keep a journal of important activities daily.
  8. Always remind him of what makes him special.
  9. Have a daily commitment we do together.
  10. Let him know how importance and sharing and helping others are.

This are the top ten on the list, but I am sure updating it from frequently as situation permits. I hope I am not overhyping fatherhood, please don’t blame me if I do. It is probably  because I didn’t enjoy an iota of fatherly love so I promise to give my children all I can.  Please feel free to share yours in the comment below, if you have for others to learn. And if you don’t you really need to start consciously considering it.

September 23


Taking care of things is as important as having the things. Like the yoruba adage that says “our hands are capable of taking care of things”, I was going to work today and I was putting on the shoe I wore on my wedding day which I have specifically bought for that occasion. But I haven’t worn it since after the wedding day and as usual has gathered dust on the shoe rack. I just took the shoes, cleaned it with a rag a put it on. My wife refused and insisted that I must apply polish and shine it before going out – one of the fruit of marriage ♥ – so I did and rushed out. Just on my way checking out my outfit as I looked at my shoe, I appreciated that I had properly taken care of that shoe before going out.

Everything you possess and use is worth taking care of and nurturing, whether material or non-material, physical or non-physical. To start with is your body and your soul; we need to give good attention to our body; meditation, nutrition and exercise are good for us. I am sure we all know how to do this just that we tend to be careless sometimes and our soul needs to be nurtured with such things as the word of God and its Obedience, self development, honesty, integrity and all such good characters. This we must be able to balance not losing our soul by too much attention to the body and not ignoring the body with much care for the soul. Both the body and soul has the same right over us in this regard.

You possession such as houses, cars, cloths, shoes, books, etc needs to be taking care of. Apart from thinking about the money we used in acquiring these things and how we hustle to get the money, we also need to be grateful for having them by not carelessly handling them considering how we may feel from the lack of it. It doesn’t really take much time to do these tasks and you quite save a lot of money from it. Meanwhile money itself needs to be handled with care – more of it will come to you when you handle it well and vice-versa.

Lastly thing actually worth mentioning first is our relationship with others, this sometimes determine our level of happiness and success in life. Relationships with our God, spouse, siblings, friends, neighbours, co-workers, classmates, business partners etc require our emotional investment. We need to fund these relationships with high level trust, sacrifice and selfless care. If you are having problem relating with somebody, you check yourself and measure your level of investment into such relationship. When you build a healthy relationship with whoever come your way, you are contributing to the world been a safe place to live and improving the quality of your life and others.

If this piece motivate you positively, please share with friends, they will be glad you did.

April 30


I was watching the Nat Geo Wild Channel on Dstv and I saw the lifestyle in the Lion kingdom. It gave me a thought of leaderships lessons which we can learn from a lion been the king not just in the lion kingdom or the big cat family but the entire animal kingdom. These lessons are worth sharing.

  1. The Lion only hunt when there is a need for it (When it is hungry)

There must always be a “why” for almost everything decision you take and every action you do. It is this “why” that will keep you going even if things are working against all odds. Your reason is a motivating and it keeps motivating you to the end. Another lesson here is that being brave or being a leader does not mean you have to be looking for trouble or doing anything you want at the detriment of others.

  1. The Lion is Brave

The quality that actually qualifies him as a leader in the animal kingdom is more than strength, size, fighting or hunting skills. The bravity of the lion is what earned it the king the animal kingdom. There are other animal with more strength, larger size, awesome fighting and hunting skills even faster but they aren’t as brave as the lion. This a great quality a leader should possess, you should brave to take decision without looking back as a leader.

  1. The gentility in its footsteps

Have you ever wondered why the gentility in its footstep especially when it’s about to go after a prey. You don’t have to be a noise maker or rough before you achievement your goals as a leader.

  1. The succession plan in the kingdom

This is one of the great qualities I learnt when seeing that documentary. The cubs are taught all the qualities of a lion since childhood. Starting from how to relate with females and other males in the kingdom. And the most thrilling part is how it is left alone to live when approaching adulthood under the guidance of an adult but without it been aware. You need to have a succession plan for leadership post by training younger ones and subordinates and putting them to real life test under your supervision.

  1. The Lioness is responsible for hunting while the Lion protect the home.

A good leader must understand the importance of delegation of responsibility. You make use of the strength of every member of your team and delegate duties accordingly. Also, you must know your team member very well in order to achieve this.

  1. Confidence

A good leader must be confidence in himself and other team members. This is part of what is taught to the cub. And this is why it discovers its identity and potential at the very early stage. A leader must be able to discover his strength with a high level of confidence.

  1. Discipline

This is important in not just in every social group or institution but in the inner self of a person. It is amazing how the lion as a leader disciplines the cubs when they mess up and mess around in the kingdom. This can only be achieved because it is discipline himself. No wonder he does not just go for anything that comes it way.

  1. It can spent 20 hours of sleep a day

Isn’t that surprising to know? Even with all the responsibility that the lion shoulders, it still find time to sleep this long sometimes. You don’t have to be a workaholic to be a good leader. I am sure you have heard about the slogan that says, “worker smarter not harder”, that says it all.

  1. Lion rarely eats entire prey (sharing)

I have always believe one of the formula for having more is giving (sharing), I never knew it’s a good leadership quality. Now I learnt this from the lion as it rarely eats its entire prey, there are always leftovers for the hyenas and the vultures. Even occasion where there is no leftover (which is rare), it is shares within the big cat kingdom.

        10. Relationship management

Lions are very social because they form groups within the kingdom known as pride. The lion also manages other animals in the animal kingdom, have ever wondered how other are kept quiet and put to orderliness with roar sound. This is to me the most important lesson quality I figured out here.

I hope you have learnt at least one or two lessons from this post. Let me know which one it is using the comment box.  Also, you may add more lessons you have using the comment box below.